Everything You Need to Know about Jackshaft Garage Door Opener and its Advantages

A standard automatic garage door system has a few functional articles the most significant ones of which are the pulley system and the motor. It's represented by a box fixed in the middle of the ceiling between the garage door tracks. It is attached with a chain similar to the one used in a bicycle. It runs inside a track attached to the garage door. The only thing you need to do to start the engine is to press a definite button after what the chain starts moving toward the motor. In the course of this difficult mechanical process the garage door rises. If you push the button again, this very chain will move the opposite direction. As a result, the door will close.

Most of people will think that the main moving power in this mechanism if the electricity, but in reality the main tension is given to torsion springs which do the most difficult job - raising and lowering the garaged door. These springs work like a counterbalance weight to the door. With the start of the engine, the springs tighten and the door is raised. And, in the same way, the springs loosen the door is lowered down.

Basic Information about a Jackshaft Garage Door Opener

Well, the Jackshaft Garage Door Opener was initially created for commercial services. This system also uses a torsion spring and a motor. The main difference between this type of the door opener and the other ones depends in interaction of the motor and springs. Thus, the Jackshaft motor is located on one of the door sides and doesn't involve a chain. This is usually a small but strong DC motor that turns the torsion spring. In the result of its work the door rises and lowers. This type of a motor requires not so much space due to its size. Besides, it's very quiet as no chain is used in it. And as there is no need install a big system in center of the ceiling, the door can move very high and its rails offer more space above in this garage. The doors can reach as high as fourteen feet.

Who Needs a Jackshaft Garage Door Opener?

As it was already mentioned, the greatest advantage of this garage door opener is the ability for the door to rise above the ceiling. The owners of higher vehicles will undoubtedly appreciate this feature.

Before deciding to install this or that type of a system in your garage consider the ceiling you have. If you have a Cathedral-type ceiling or simply it's too tall you will face difficulties with installing a conventional garage door system. Here you're recommended to use a Jackshaft Garage Door Opener. This type of opener is also suitable for a garage with an extremely low ceiling that doesn't allow mounting a standard opener and the track in which the motor needs to be installed in the center of the ceiling above the garage door. But in the Jackshaft garage door opener system, the motor is located on the side along the track.

Another advantage you'll need to consider choosing the Jackshaft system is its quietness of work. It's due to the absence of a chain and pulley. Besides, the DC motor also significantly diminishes sound.

As you can see, a Jackshaft Garage Door Opener offers a great number of benefits. If you're looking for appropriate garage door opener system, consider buying this one as it will meet all of your requirements and desires, especially if you have too high or low ceiling in your garage.